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We offer residential junk removal services in Springfield, Illinois.  We will remove your house clutter, general junk, property debris, construction debris, and more.  We assist with all aspects of getting junk removed and cleared away, no matter how difficult the task may be.  Our expertly trained junk removal crews have you covered so you can relax while we do the work. 

appliance removal

Appliance Removal Springfield

We offer appliance removal in Springfield and will haul items away like dishwashers, stoves, washers, dryers, freezers, refrigerators, and more.  Our teams are well-trained to move heavy items, and we help mitigate all liabilities that come with removing unruly appliances.  

attic junk removal

Attic Junk Removal Springfield

We offer attic junk removal and can get into those tuff places to haul clutter out.  Even on hot days, we get the job done right the first time when clearing debris from attic locations.  

electronic waste removal

Electronic Waste Removal

We remove electronics like computers, monitors, printers, and televisions.  We recycle electronic waste whenever possible, and you can rest assured that all debris is disposed of and dealt with in a planet-friendly way.   

construction junk pickup

Construction Debris Removal 

We offer construction debris removal services that can help any homeowner or contractor with waste that can build up during building or home renovation projects.  

furniture pickup services

Donation Pick Up

Donation services are excellent for those looking to get rid of the junk that may still be useful to others.  Furniture, dishes, clothes, and other material can always find a good home at a local charity or donation center if the item's life isn't over.  

hoarder junk

Hoarder Junk

In cases where junk has been hoarded over the years and when a property has a large volume of debris needing removal, you may need professionally trained junk removal services.  Our teams are well trained in dealing with hoarder junk removal situations, and we are well equipped to handle the removal of large amounts of junk at any given time.  

same day junk removal

Same Day Junk Removal

Same-day junk removal is one of our widely used junk removal services.  Sometimes junk needs to be removed quickly, and we understand that, so we offer speedy junk removal services to solve the problem of getting junk removed fast. We can remove junk the same day that you call.  We offer same-day junk pickups as long as we still have an open schedule for that day and offer next-day junk removal services.

garage junk clearing

Garage Cleanout Service

Garages have been the perfect place to store junk over the years, but after it builds up enough to require removal, our services have you covered.  Our garage junk cleanout services remove the junk that can be placed at an easy access point in the garage and is usually more affordable than if we have to haul junk out of the home or from the basement.

storage junk cleanout

Storage Unit Cleanouts

We will clear storage units of their contents or just a few items that need to go.  Just point and we will handle the process of loading unwanted junk items from your storage unit, and of transporting them to a landfill or donation center.

hot tub removal Springfield

Hot Tub Removal Service

Hot tub removal is one of our favorite services to offer our clients in the Springfield area.  Hot tub removal might not be fun for some companies, but we love removing old hot tubs and are up to accepting the challenge whenever we are allowed to do so.

furniture removal

Furniture Removal

Our furniture removal crews here at Affordable Junk Removal of Central IL can remove old sofas, couches, recliners, armchairs, bed frames, and other furniture items. In with the new and out with the old, we make those old couches and love seats disappear! 

mattress removal

Mattress Removal

Mattress removal services at an affordable rate.  Our mattress removal crews can pick up your old mattress, transport it, and dispose of it.

property junk cleanup

Property Cleanups

Property cleanups are done for a reasonable price by our expert cleanout teams.  Loose trash, worn-out furniture, and other debris commonly found on a property can be quickly removed.


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Ready For Junk Removal In Springfield, Illinois?

It is a well-known fact that getting rid of junk from your home or business can relieve stress and improve happiness. Once you have had the junk hauled away and reclaimed your space, you will feel a sense of relief. Removing unwanted clutter frees up valuable space and creates a refreshing experience. It also allows for better organisation and easy access to necessary tools and items, saving you time and energy. If you're considering junk removal in Springfield, we're here and ready to help with our professional services. Let us serve you and help you reclaim your space!

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