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Sheds can become a real eye soar if not taken care of through the years.  Leaking roofs, rotting wood, and other types of shed wearing can happen if the structure is not well maintained or protected.  In many cases a rotting or falling down shed can cause concerns of danger and risk.  If a shed happens to fall on your fence, house or person, you could be in an uneasy situation.  Affordable Junk Removal of Central IL has years of experience in removing old sheds in a cost effective and efficient way.  

We can tear a shed down with machines or by strategic demolition if there is no access for machines.  Shed removal can be dangerous and demolishing a shed can be a tough task to take on yourself. That's why we exist as a service that offers professional services for shed removal in Springfield, Illinois.  If you need a shed torn down, removed, and properly disposed of, contact us today to easily get set up with a free, no-obligation estimate. Find out how much it cost to remove a shed nearby Springfield, IL. 

Springfield Shed Removal Services

We offer services for Shed Removal in Springfield, Illinois.  If you have an unwanted shed, our teams are there to help you remove it in a safe, efficient, and cost effective.  Sheds of all sizes are hard to move so you may need assistance from a professional shed removal service near you to remove it.    

We offer our Springfield, IL clients the peace of mind that comes with hiring an experienced shed removal service to handle everything from the shed tear down to the demo debris loading, transportation, and disposal process.  That's right, we even factor disposal cost into our shed removal pricing. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation estimate on having us remove your unwanted junk shed today.  

Shed demolition and removal is best left to our trained experts. We are fully equipped to remove any size of shed safely and quickly without the associated pains of doing it yourself. Be kind to your back and reach out to us now at (217) 971-9178 to discuss your shed removal in Springfield, Illinois. 

How much does Shed Removal Cost?

There are a few different factors that go into how much shed removal cost. When sheds are being removed from an easy access point like a front yard or location we can access with machines, the cost tends to be less than if the item is not easily accessible Shed removal In Springfield takes skill and experience, especially if the item is falling down, or presents a liability to personal injuryWe take into account the type of shed we are removing from the property as well as the type of shed that needs to be removed. The average cost of shed removal in Springfield is between $575.00 and $800.00. 

Shed Removal

  1. Call Affordable Junk Removal of Central IL to set up an appointment to find out how much it costs to remove a shed in Springfield.
  2.  We will arrive on time and provide you with a firm price on removing your unwanted shed.
  3.  Once we come to terms on pricing, we will be available to complete the shed removal work right then and there.
  4.  After your job has been completed, we will take payment, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and joy that often comes with removing unwanted items like old sheds that have become an eye soar.

Shed Removal Near Me

Are you looking for shed removal near me?

It can be hard to find the best way to dispose of an old shed that you may need gone.  We have the proper equipment and experience to get your unwanted shed torn down, loaded up, and hauled away in a cost efficient and timely manner, leaving you lots of time to relax while we handle the hard stuff. It doesn't matter where the shed to be removed is at, we will get the job completed  We handle it ALL.  That's right, we do it all and you don't have to touch a thing.

Sheds We Remove

  • Outdoor Sheds
  • Backyard Sheds
  • Garden Sheds
  • Metal Sheds
  • Wood Sheds
  • Plastic Sheds
  • Lean-to Sheds
  • Barn Sheds
  • Residential Sheds
  • Commercial Sheds
  • Storage Sheds
  • Damaged Sheds

Small Shed Removal

Small shed removal jobs are usually quick and easy but they can present some hazards if the process is not done carefully.  Even a small shed with a small roof can be dangerous if the roof were to fall on you and all sheds present liability by exposing sharp objects like pieces of wood and nails.  Small sheds can usually be removed with a Sawzall or a sledge hammer depending on the structure and build type.

Large Shed Removal

Larger sheds should be removed with machinery like a bobcat or a tractor loaderIf a large shed needs to be removed from your [property but is not accessible by machines, you can remove them with a strategic demolition techniqueUsually, you want to take the roof off first but cutting it off in a way that should be left to a shed removal specialist. 

Garden Shed Removal

Garden sheds can be big or small but, in many cases, are easy to removeThey typically have a light build and can be removed with a little hard work and some hand toolsIf the garden shed is large enough to call for machines, a small bobcat will work wanders. 

Backyard Shed Removal

In some cases, a backyard shed removal task will be able to be handled by machineIf we can use a bobcat to tear down and remove your backyard shed, we will but in some cases, we can't get a machine into a residential back yardIn this scenario, we will remove the shed with simple hand tools like sledge hammers, Sawzall's and demo drills. 

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Ready For Shed Removal In Springfield, Illinois?

Removing an eye soar of a shed in Springfield can be great for many people. After you reclaim space that your old shed took up, you may feel sense of accomplishment. It's always nice to have a refreshing experienceRemoving an old shed from your property can allow room for a new shed to be placed in its spotIf you think you are ready to have a shed removed in Springfield, Illinois, we are on standby and would love the opportunity to serve you with a great shed removal experience! 

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